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Full color flagstone patio with brick border and center accent.

Courtyard garden with boulder fountain, shade plants, and trellises.

Bluestone walkway and step with brick border

Irregular flagstone path with new plantings and planter pots.

Garden path and shade garden

Side garden and path.

Stepping stones through ground cover and perennials.

Dry stream bed with ground cover and perennials

Peaceful sitting area in woods next to church.

Sunny perennial garden.

Entrance garden and boulder signs.

Lawn border garden with low rock wall.

Grand entrance planting beds with boxwood border.

Dry stream bed with perennials and stone bridge.

Side garden with stepping stones.

Stone pillars, driveway apron and border, and entrance garden with planter pots.

Rain garden

Slope garden with stone retaining walls and stepping stones.

Multi-level Trex deck with built in planters.

Waterfall and garden.

New lawn and planting beds.

Slope garden with retaining boulders, stone steps, and shade plants.

Wheelchair accessible gardens and brick walkway.

Bluestone patio and steps with brick border.

Perennial border garden

Front entrance garden

Curved flagstone walkway with brick edge.

Border garden

Paver patio with retaining wall and plantings.

Paver patio with retaining wall, fountain, and plantings.

Perennial border garden.

Side garden along sidewalk.

New front entrance walkway and plantings.

Pondless waterfall and garden.

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